Compact pressure sensor PQ now with NPN circuit

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The new pressure sensor of the PQ series is especially suitable for pneumatic applications in robotics and handling. Using a specially sealed measuring cell, this sensor precisely and reliably detects the pressure in the vacuum and overpressure range.

The piezoresistive silicon cell measures, depending on the selected unit, between -1 and 10 bar or -1 and 1 bar. Due to the special sealing of the measuring cell, the pressure sensor is insensitive to liquids (e.g. condensed water) and deposits that might occur in the system. High overload resistance and an accuracy of < ± 0.5 % are further positive features.

The slanted 4-digit display can be electronically rotated by 180° and conveniently read at a large distance, from the front or from above. The display colour is selectable: red or green.

Green e. g. for the acceptable range and red when the switching point is exceeded or not reached. Two programmable switching outputs or one switching output and one diagnostic output provide flexible use.

The sensor is easy to install by means of integrated mounting holes and a large range of accessories. A secure fit is always ensured. 

Due to the NPN circuit, the unit is also especially suitable for exportation. Despite its many features, the pressure sensor of the PQ series is offered at a very attractive price.