COMbricks Profibus DP slave module

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In partnership with Procentec, I S Systems has released the Profibus DP Slave module as an addition to the COMbricks family.

It is the only available DP Slave device with a 3-in-1 functionality:
• Profibus DP Slave
• Permanent busmonitor
• Modular repeater

The DP Slave device enables the largest multiple cross gateways between ProfiNet and Profibus modules which are placed in the backplane.

Simultaneously it permanently monitors the segment/network and acts as a repeater when it is used in combination with other communication modules.

It's the component of choice to establish communication between multiple ProfiNet and Profibus controllers that manage their own specific network.

The gateway works the same way as regular DP/DP and PN/ DP couplers.

Application areas include:
• Linking of different DP Masters controllers (DP/ DP coupler)
• ProfiNet  to Profibus gateway (PN/ DP coupler)
• Migration from old control systems to new control systems

COMbricks has the advantage that up to 10 ProfiNet/ Profibus modules can exchange information.

The DP Slave module can of course also be mixed on the backplane with other COMbricks modules like Profibus PA, Fiber Optic and DP Repeater modules.

COMbricks is said to be the first Profibus and ProfiNet based automation system that unites network components, permanent monitoring and remote I/O.

COMbricks DP Slave Module.