Combirex Cutting Systems Now Built-to-Order

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 The COMBIREX DX plasma and oxy-fuel CNC Shape Cutting Machine incorporates modular assembly design principles, and is the first fully integrated EPC (Engineered Procured Commissioned) model on the market

The COMBIREX DX is the first in a series of machines that will be built from off-the-shelf pre-assembled modules on a lean assembly line. This reduces the assembly and test time for a customised machine to less than one week. Customers will be able to order bespoke machines within a fixed range of configurations which will then be built, tested and shipped in a time frame of less than six weeks.

Designed for a long service life and with low maintenance requirements, the COMBIREX DX is available in four gantry sizes and can be equipped with up to four stations with an intelligent positioning aid. Safety features such as the on-board light barrier offer protection for the operating personnel.

Equipped with an m3 360 plasma cutting system, the machine is capable of cutting or marking material up to three metres wide. The specification also included the latest light beam technology to offer operator protection.