Coil thickness measurement

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The thicknessCONTROL MTS 8201.LLT O-frame measurement system is equipped with laser line scanners to determine the thickness profile of individual metal strips in slitting lines.

A laser line sensor ensures a material independent measurement and higher precision which weren’t supported by laser point sensors.

In a slitting line, the thickness of metal strip can be measured prior to or after the slitting operation.

The thicknessCONTROL MTS 8201.LLT O-frame system introduced by Bestech Australia is designed measuring material with large width up to 4000mm at a precise accuracy from ±5µm.

The Micro Epsilon MTS 8201.LLT finds thickness profile measurement applications in process and quality control as well as metal inspection in rolling mills and Service Centres.

Metal strip thickness measurements are continuous and non-contact while due to space constraints, the strip profiles are measured before the slitting shears.

The visualisation software splits the entire captured cross-section into individual strips. Traversing thickness measurements cover strip widths of up to 4 metres perpendicular to the material flow.

The thickness profiles of the slit strips are determined and individually documented for each sheet ring. This means that the longitudinal position of any detected tolerance deviation is known for each strip.

Seamless quality documentation enables the selection of products by order and customer, leading to a predictable ROI. To save space, the measurement system can also be mounted before the slitting shears.

It is still then possible to associate the measurements with the resulting strips at different widths. All measurements are carried out during the production process (inline).

In addition to the fully-automatic calibration, the systems optionally dispose of temperature-invariant compensation frames which ensure that the measurement is not affected by temperature influences.

Therefore, they are ideal for applications in harsh industrial environment. Furthermore, all sensor technologies applied measure without contact, wear-free and without isotopes or X-rays. This process provides long-term reliable measured data while avoiding consequential costs.

Application fields in metal mills:
– Hot and cold rolling
– Splitting lines
– Coating
– Drawing lines
– Cutting
– Channelled sheets (base plate thickness and channel heights)
– “sandwich plates” made from non-homogeneous materials

Product series measure differently including MTS 8201.T using laser triangulation, MTS 8201.C adopt to capacitive sensing, MTS8202.E using eddy current sensor and MTS 8202.LLT CFK C-clap systems.