CMOS cameras with built-in image processing

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Photonfocus has revealed a new set of CMOS industrial cameras with built-in image pre-processing.

The new Pixel Professor CMOS Smart cameras range offers high performance pre-processing capabilities built into the camera allowing users to design machine vision systems with distributed intelligence for surveying processing plants.

By performing pre-processing on the camera the vision system computer CPU load is reduced dramatically, says Photonfocus.

This allows the vision system to run faster or use more sophisticated algorithms in the same time period, therefore producing better results.

The technology is also scalable and can be fitted to each customer’s application.

The Pixel Professor cameras support common image pre-processing operations in pipelined processors such as convolution and non-linear filters, histograms, erosion and dilation, adaptive thresholding, Image buffers, image arithmetic, colour space conversion, Look-Up Tables (LUT), triangulation and others.

According to the manufacturers, setting up the pre-processing unit on the Pixel Professor is easy, due to a graphical user interface (GUI).

“It’s simply a matter of connecting elements with lines. It allows for control loops and multiple passes,” says a spokesperson from the company.

“Alongside standard operators customised operators can be implemented. Alternating frame capture setups can be realised with an embedded sequencer to achieve maximum frame rates. With in-built pre-processing hardware in the camera reliance on specialised frame grabbers or other hardware accelerators is removed.”

The new range of Pixel Professor cameras outputs pre-processed images via USB 2.0 or GigE. No frame grabbers are required.

Other benefits of the Pixel Professor cameras include:

*Reduction of pre-processing time increases frame rate Enhanced algorithms with same CPU-load compared to software image processing

*The Pixel Professor complements the superior features of CMOS cameras Real-time processing of up to 640 Mega pixel per second (Mps)

*”Zero” latency

The Pixel Professor series offers four models — three belonging to the MV-D1024E-PP01 Camera Series: the MV-D1024E-PP01-40 (37fps); MV-D1024E-PP01-80 (75fps); and MV-D1024E-PP01-160 (150fps). Each of these models feature Pipeline processing with 1024 x 1024 pixel resolution, global shutter, high signal-to-noise ratio (SNR), LinLog functionality and Camera Link interface.

The fourth model (SM2-D1024-80) offers 1 GHz DSP, along with 1024 x 1024 pixel resolution, global shutter with up to 75 fps @ full resolution, superior SNR, 256 MB SDRAM and 2 GB SD-Card.

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