Carbon Fibre Chassis For Crystal Group Embedded Computer

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The Crystal Group RE0412 is a small-form factor embedded computer in a carbon fibre chassis. This computer is designed for airborne and ground mobile applications where significant processing power is required in a light-weight package.

The carbon fibre RE0412 chassis measures 7.95cmH x 27.33cmW x 20.65cmD and weighs 1.72 kilos; with up to two 6.35cm solid state drives, a PCIe x16 expansion slot and up to 16GB DDR3 RAM. 

The RE0412 features an Intel mini-ITX board, i3 (Desktop) CPU, DC power inputs from 18-36VDC, a single (80Khr MTBF) cooling fan for air-over components, cooling architecture and has conformal coating options for humidity protection. Extensive thermal design enables -40C to +55C operation with full CPU load. 

The full complement of I/O makes the platform ideal for general purpose processing in the field.