Calibrate your gas analyser on site

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On-site calibrations of gas analysers may be performed with Michell Instruments’ Portable Calibration Rig (PCR).

The PCR is a mobile gas blender utilising premium mass flow controllers housed in a tough transport case that can be used for a huge variety of applications and analysers.

It can mix two or three gases from: Air, Oxygen, Nitrogen, Carbon Dioxide, Methane and Hydrogen and is controllable so that the perfect blend can be achieved for the application.

Provided the customer has zero or spans gas cylinders available – it is possible to ‘factory’ calibrate an analyser such as Michell’s XTP601. For example, an analyser range 0-10% O2 in N2 could be calibrated with synthetic air and N2.

A field calibration of an analyser can be carried out in under 1 hour including set up time. For a complete factory calibration, with multiple calibration points (to change the range/background/both), 4 hours would be all that is required. 

These time-scales represent a minimal downtime compared to the alternative of sending the instrument away for calibration.

Although the unit is designed for field calibrations, it can also be used in a laboratory to mimic changing process gases for research work.