Burkert releases all-stainless steel INOX valve system

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Bürkert has released a modular valve and block package designed to make systems quickly and easily. The INOX solution incorporates an all stainless steel pneumatically actuated valve, and standard block modules with eight standard port channels.

The ports are drilled open in accordance with block channel design, bolted together, and valves screwed in to complete the block system. Strainers, check valves, and sensors are easily included in block construction.

INOX block systems support media to 180°C, 16 bar and 600 mm2/s viscosity, and has high chemical resistance for process media including water, alcohols, oils, fuels, hydraulic fluids, salt solutions, alkali solutions, organic solvents, steam, air and more.

System configuration eliminates the use of elbows and t-adapters, and reduces connections to a minimum, to avoid leaks and deliver high overall system performance relative to traditional block solutions.

Small footprint, flexible configuration, and fast assembly make INOX systems ideal for manufactured blocks including temperature systems for injection moulding or die-casting tools, chemical dispensing in water or mineral processing, steam sterilisation systems, and any solution where high system capability and environmental integrity is necessary.

Distributing, collecting and mixing systems with individual valve flow of up to 2.4m3/h are suited to INOX.

Individual INOX valves are built for maximum integrity, based on Bürkert’s proven valve record. The cast 316L stainless steel body has integrated, self-adjusting packing glands to ensure high media tightness over the complete service life.

The externally piloted valves have a compact design, and are available with threaded, external threaded and welding connection ports. Valves may be normally open or closed, with flow direction below the seat. INOX valves, block modules, bushing and other elements are cast 316L stainless steel, with PTFE valve seals and graphite gaskets.