Building automation converges with home entertainment

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With the TwinCAT Bang & Olufsen Server, Beckhoff offers a software solution that enables seamless communication between Bang & Olufsen audio/video products and the Beckhoff control system.

As a result, a single operating device can be used to control lighting and TV sets, for example.

The concept of the “intelligent home” is becoming increasingly popular, with a particular focus on user-friendliness.

Bang & Olufsen is a provider of high-end audio and video home entertainment. The TwinCAT Bang & Olufsen Server is a software interface between Beckhoff controllers and Bang & Olufsen (B & O) products.

The controller is coupled with the Bang & Olufsen master link gateway via Ethernet. In this way, a single operating device, e.g. a Bang & Olufsen remote control unit or a Beckhoff Control Panel, can be used to control audio-visual equipment and home automation ease.

Virtual buttons are stored in the Bang & Olufsen master link gateway for executing predefined actions in Bang & Olufsen devices. Commands can be sent to Bang & Olufsen devices by activating the virtual buttons from the PLC via the TwinCAT Bang & Olufsen Server.

TwinCAT PLC variables can be modified via so-called custom strings, which are also defined in the Bang & Olufsen master link gateway.

Operations affecting both automation and audio/video products can be combined via this bidirectional communication.

In this way, the lighting and TV in a kitchen, for example, can be switched on with a single touch of a button if desired.

For this purpose, a Beo6 remote control unit, smartphone, touchscreen or a keypad connected with the TwinCAT controller can be used depending on user preference.