“Blue E” Climate Control Platform Offers Extended Power Range

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The Rittal LCP cooling system platform of the “Blue E” generation is made up of four different climate control systems: the Rittal LCP, the Rittal LCP Inline, the Rittal LCP T3+ and the Rittal LCP LWWT. All systems share a common architecture and interchangeable components.

The Rittal LCP models offer an extended power range, from 10 up to 60 kW. They can be scaled in steps from 10 to 20 or to 30 kW, or from 40 to 50 or 60 kW. This is a benefit if heat losses in the enclosure rise due to the use of additional servers.

All versions feature improved fans that consume less electricity, and the system will even work with no ventilation at all.

Demands of consumers who require high levels of computing power are met by the rack-based LCP, which Rittal offers up to 60 kW. The LCP Inline cools all the rows of racks by blowing cold air to the front in the partitioned cold aisle and is available with an output of 30, and as much as 60 kW.

The LCP T3+ boasts a similar construction to the Rittal LCP. It ensures higher fail-safe rates, as the cooling water and electrical supply are designed in a redundant manner. The Rittal LCP LWWT has an output of 20 kW and requires no ventilation

Finally, the LCP DX (Direct Expansion, Direct Evaporation) is especially suited for smaller applications where space is limited, and uses a refrigerant instead of water. This model is available in a rack-based or row-based version.