Bestech Offers High-Precision Laser Guidance For Robots

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Bestech Australia provides high-precision, flexible laser sensing solutions for robot measurement tasks. Non-contact sensors can be installed on a robot arm for dynamic distance measurements and its data guides the tools or devices attached to the robot arms. 

Displacement laser triangulation sensors from Micro-Epsilon Messtechnik are very small with integrated electronics, featuring measuring ranges from 2mm to 1,000mm with fast measuring cycles of up to 50kHz. 

For more complex measurement tasks, the gapCONTROL sensor can be installed on the arm for measuring various types of gap. Here, gap measurement data is used to guide the robot along the car or for controlling welding robots. 

For detecting paintwork defects on entire car bodies, the reflectCONTROL system can be integrated to the robot, and by using deflectometry; the surface is examined to micrometer accuracy. A robot continuously adjusts the position of the system to help complete measurements within a very short time frame.