Bestech Draw-Wire Sensors Utilise Metal-Free System

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The wireSENSOR P85 series draw-wire sensor from Micro Epsilon features a synthetic material string, and is now available from Bestech Australia. The use of a "wire" synthetic material in draw-wire sensors ensures additional application areas.

Its high tensile strength, low expansion and extremely long service life make it technically equal to conventional steel wire. Even the cable connector is completely free of metal, with the ring eyelet made entirely of plastic.

It can be used in high voltage areas where conductive connection between the measuring system and the target is prohibited due to safety reasons.

In medical technology, the absence of metal offers major advantages for these displacement transducers. The plastic line means there is no interference when taking X-ray films or when scanning with MRI systems.

The flexible and modular construction concept of the draw-wire sensor means that sensors with plastic lines are now available as OEM versions. The MK series also features an additional glass-fibre reinforced housing.