Bestech Data Loggers Offer Dual Display

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The ALMEMO 2470 series data loggers provided by Bestech Australia are smart instruments possessing high measurement accuracy, and can be used for numerous applications such as monitoring climate change or as a laboratory instrument. 

These data loggers can be used as a standalone alarm display device with or without data logging facility. The series can also perform high-precision measurement of temperature, humidity, pressure and carbon dioxide content without additional errors in the transmission of measured values from analogue to digital signals. 

All calibrated sensors can be connected via noise-proof extensions to any of the 2470 devices. 2470 series data logger can also perform factory or DKD calibrations on sensor elements.

Measured values are displayed on a colour LCD for clearer reading and a dual display is available for the simultaneous display of two measured values ​​or indicate both measured value and alarm value. 

These units offer features such as Max – Min ​​, alarms, zero setting, sensor display, sensor correction, data logger functions, and functions like cycles, real time clock or sleep mode.