Belden Extends Ethernet Range With Nine-Port Products

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The Octopus OS20 Fast Ethernet ports (10/100 BASE-TX) have vibration-resistant M12 connections in D-coding, while further features include a metal housing and extended temperature range from 1-40° to +70°C.

The Octopus also meets EMC and fire protection requirements for use in rail vehicles. As the switch can be cascaded in any way, decentrally structured automation networks with short transmission paths can be implemented with the respective terminal devices.

Configuration is possible either via Command Line Interface (CLI), DHCP relay agent option 82, HiDiscovery or the ACA11-M12 EEC auto-configuration adapter.

RMON, port mirroring and LLDP (Topology Discovery 802.1ab) are provided for diagnostics. Detailed information can be retrieved via a serial V.24 interface or the Ethernet ports.

The switch is monitored and configured via SNMP, a standard web browser or the Hirschmann’s Industrial HiVision high performance network management software.