Bürkert Controller Integrates Water System Functions

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Bürkert´s multi-parameter controller mxCONTROL 8620 is designed to automate the control of process variables within a water treatment system and reduce controller and instrument costs by as much as half. 

The 8620 integrates all control, monitoring and display features as well as data and event logging functions into a single unit. The 8620 is ideal for primary water treatment processes; or ancillary processes in manufacturing, mining, and general industry.

The controller is easily configured to display, transmit and record flow, pressure, pH/ORP, conductivity, turbidity, O2, O3, Cl2, level and temperature. It accepts standard 4-20mA inputs from the field instruments and provides high level computations to optimise the water treatment process. 

The system is capable of processing up to four analogue, two RTD, eight digital inputs as well as five relays, four digital transistor outputs and four optional analogue outputs –totalling 23 I/O – simultaneously (model dependent).

Parameters are loaded by SD card or from a standard PC via the USB interface. An optional Ethernet interface can be used to configure and parameterise the controller remotely or be used to send email or SMS alerts in the event of an alarm situation.

All important variables and parameters may be raised via five soft-touch keys, with the operator able to grant varied access via the built in security system.