Australia-first mega-litre drilling tank

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Container solutions company SCF Group has introduced an intermodal 500-barrel capacity liquid containment tank for drilling applications such as mixing and fraccing and a complementary flow back tank for sediment separation – dual developments that promise to benefit the unconventional gas sector.

The remote site fluid containment system can provide up to a mega-litre of water containment on site, with the flow-back unit allowing for heavy sediment filtration and the recycling and reuse of the fracking or drilling fluid.

Orders have been received for 14 of the 45-feet long drilling tanks, which are currently in production and on track to be delivered in late June to customers engaged in coal seam and shale oil gas activity in some of the country’s most far-flung locations.

As there is no disposal of the waste fluid into the soil, it completely removes the need for portable storage on site.

Designed by the company’s engineers and built specifically for Australia’s remote and rugged conditions, the SCF drilling tanks’ intermodal format allows for fast and economical mobilisation and demobilisation, regardless of the site location. 

Ease-of use is also delivered via skid mounting, as well as standard ISO container security and folding handrails to offer a range of stacking options.

The drilling and flow-back tanks are fitted with a full capability manifold for various hydraulic hose and tank coupling options.  Optional fittings for mixers, as per customer requirements, are also available.