AS-i safety monitor with USB interface

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The new safety monitor of ifm efector monitors the transmitted code sequences in the AS-i network. In the case of message deviations or timeouts it ensures the safe state of the system.

The AS-i safety monitor enables the transmission of safe and non-safe I/O signals via the same AS-i bus. The safety-related extension is fully downward compatible and can be retrofitted on existing installations. All masters, power supplies and bus components can further be used.

The AS-i safety monitor can be integrated into the AS-i system at any position. Several AS-i safety monitors can be operated via one AS-i master.

Parameter setting of the functions known from the safety relays such as "E-STOP", "stop categories 0 or 1", "two-hand control" or "enable switch" can be done via the software using the USB interface. One AS-i safety monitor replaces many traditional safety relays. When a device is replaced the data can be saved on a chip card.

The device has 4 safe inputs or 8 standard inputs/outputs, plus two safe semiconductor outputs and 6 triggerable outputs in the field. It is certified to EN 62061 / SIL3, IEC 61508 / SIL3 and EN ISO 13849-1 / PL e.