AMS Flow Switch Receives Hazardous Zone Approval

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The Model FS10A Flow Switch/Monitor is a low-cost solution for continuously verifying flows within liquid or gas process analyser sampling systems. It is a lightweight instrument featuring low flow sensitivity, a relay alarm trip point, an analog output and an RS232 interface.

The FS10A’s electronics and thermal dispersion flow-sensing technology provide an overall solution to sampling system flow assurance within hazardous plant areas. Featuring a precision flow sensor element with no moving parts to foul, clog or maintain, the FS10A requires virtually no maintenance.

A top-mounted, ten (10) LED array shows flow rate trend, alarm status and power on/off. The monitor’s set-up and trip-point values can be changed via its two push-buttons or standard RS232C serial interface. Available with a 1A relay settable for NO or NC operation, the flow meter’s user-programmable switch settings for failsafe, trip control of hysteresis and time delay. A 4-20mA output is available for trending.

The FS10A Flow Switch/Monitor is designed for use with nearly all types of process and emissions sampling systems, including gas chromatographs (GCs), mass spectrometers, optical spectrometers, photometers and others.