National Instruments I/O Extends Wireless Network Platform

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The National Instruments wireless I/O gateway and latest serial nodes extend the capabilities of the NI wireless sensor network (WSN) platform and – coupled with the NI LabVIEW system design software – can easily integrate wired and wireless measurement and control systems. Additionally, this paring will deploy autonomous programs to WSN nodes that perform local control, data analysis and event-based alarming or notification. 

The NI 9795 C Series Gateway aggregates measurement data from distributed WSN nodes, making data available within deployed LabVIEW Real-Time applications running on CompactRIO. It also adds to existing programmable and nonprogrammable WSN gateways to offer choices for cost and flexibility.

Users can create complete wired and wireless measurement control systems with LabVIEW that are ideal for applications including environment monitoring, industrial measurements and control, and energy monitoring. 

The NI WSN-3230 (1-port RS232) and NI WSN-3231 (1-port RS485) Serial Nodes features one serial port and two digital I/O channels for discrete inputs, event detection and programmatic control. They can also embed query and parse algorithms directly on WSN node with LabVIEW WSN Module to create autonomous programmable interface to a variety of serial-based instruments, sensors and control boards.