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ProDetec expands range with addition of SIGRIST technology

Australian instrumentation supplier, ProDetec has announced that it has acquired the SIGRIST exclusive distributor rights for Australia and New Zealand.

SIGRIST is globally renown for developing and producing optical measuring devices, which monitor the quality of process variables in numerous industries. Leaders in their field, SIGRIST’s photometers are manufactured to exceptional standards and are highly reliable. The photometers measure turbidity, dissolved substances, colour, oil or particulates. 

The company’s comprehensive range of photometers is used in water treatment, the food industry, industrial processes, environmental protection and in the monitoring of air quality in roads and rail tunnels.

The ProDetec range of SIGRIST photometers is very diverse and includes oil trace monitors, single and multi-parameters turbidity meters as well as colour and phase monitoring. The SIGRIST OilGuard measures mineral oils in water and has a 40-year track record. Based on the fluorescence principle, the OilGuard devices use a free-fall measuring system that eliminates contact between the sample and the flow cell. 

Various types of oil can be detected by the device’s calibration curves. These can be easily checked or recalibrated via a control glass. The OilGuard equipment is suitable for use in numerous industries including the chemical and pharmaceutical industry, crude oil production, machine and metal industry, petrochemical and refinery, power plants, ship industry and wastewater treatment.

The SIGRIST turbidity meters measure the turbidity and other parameters in water and liquids including DOC levels, colour and oil concentration. The meters quickly and efficiently detect any impurities or flaws in the treatment process so that they can be swiftly rectified. 

The SIGRIST measuring devices utilise patented technology developed by the Swiss company. The devices feature a true, non-contact, free-fall measuring system. This ensures that maintenance is kept to an absolute minimum. Plus, the SIGRIST turbidity meters deliver exceptional accuracy even at low concentrations thanks to the device’s sophisticated automatic adjustment with a built in reference for turbidity.

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