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Processing particles and powders is a science – not art

A new IChemE course designed to provide a broad understanding of the fundamentals of particle technology, its concepts while addressing practical problems, has been set to take place in Melbourne on 23-25 July.

The training course, Particle Technology – the Science of Powder Handling and Processing, will be delivered by Australian particle technology industry experts to benefit those who handle particles and powders, including chemists, physicists, pharmacists, mechanical and chemical engineers. 

This intensive course will address issues such as the challenges of powder handling and processing, gas particle separation, storage and feeding, fire and explosion hazards and fluidisation and will provide opportunities for delegates to share experiences and lessons learned during interactive sessions.

Course presenter, Emeritus professor of Chemical Engineering at Melbourne’s Monash University, Martin Rhodes, says this course will also benefit those industries who are not completely satisfied with the quality of their powder handling and processing.

“Difficulties in the handling or processing of powders are often ignored or overlooked at the design stage. The result is that powder-related problems are the cause of production stoppages, variable project quality and environmental issues.

“It has been shown that application of even a basic understanding of particle and powder behaviour can improve this situation.”

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