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Robotics industry is optimistic in 2011
The buzz in the robotics industry is about a real sense of urgency in projects that have been put on hold for the past 18 months. Indications show that activity in 2011 will be more than just business as usual. Orders for new robots increased a healthy 34 per cent in North America and an eye-popping 143 per cent outside of North America over the first nine months of 2010 when compared to the equivalent period in 2009. Robotics Online

Researchers develop sensor for safeguarding aircraft
A new sensor designed to alert aircraft maintenance personnel to a wiring clamp failure is being developed at the University of Dayton Research Institute in Ohio, reports The Engineer. The new technology uses a RFID tag that transmits to a hand held reader if a clamp has been compromised, thus putting the aircraft at risk. RFIDNews

How eco-friendly is desalination?
Desalination raises some additional environmental challenges, aside from energy use. Saline water has to come from somewhere, and some critters may call that somewhere a home. If we try to get it from the ocean, we risk killing a lot of fish in the process. Power plants, which also suck in water in huge volumes, kill billions of immature fish every year, and one study estimated that a single power plant would have the same ecological impact as eliminating thousands of acres of wild habitat. Slate

Carnegie evaluates wave energy potential in Ireland
Carnegie Wave Energy is focusing its efforts on developing and commercialising its CETO wave energy technology, which is named after a Greek sea goddess. Unlike other wave energy systems currently under development, the CETO wave power converter is fully submerged and permanently anchored to the sea floor, producing high-pressure seawater from the power of waves that is then delivered onshore to create electricity or freshwater using standard reverse osmosis desalination technology. The Engineer

GAO launches clear contactless tag
GAO RFID has launch a contactless 13.56 MHz RFID disc tag. The tag uses a 1K Mifare chip, is compliant with the ISO 14443 standard, and offers a maximum contactless read/write distance of 12 cm. ContactlessNews

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