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Sea water converted into cheap drinking water
A faster, better and cheaper desalination process enhanced by carbon nanotubes has been developed by New Jersey Institute of Technology. The process creates a unique architecture for the membrane distillation process by using carbon nanotubes in the membrane pores. Membrane distillation is a clean,non-toxic technology and can be carried out at 60-90 degrees centigrade.This temperature is significantly lower than conventional distillation. MBPE Capital

Siemens to provide on-demand wastewater treatment management
A major soft drink manufacturer has selected Siemens Water Technologies to provide a wastewater treatment solution for a new bottling plant in the Philippines. This multi-million dollar project includes the Siemens proprietary Omniflo Sequencing Batch Reactor (SBR) system for biological treatment. The "on-demand" design of the SBR allows the jet aeration to be used only when needed for the particular batch of wastewater generated, thus potentially resulting in a significant reduction in power consumption. Water Online

Robots help search for survivors of Japan earthquake
Japan’s leading experts in rescue robotics are deploying wheeled and snake-like robots to assist emergency responders in the search for survivors of the devastating earthquake and tsunami that struck the country.The Active Scope Camera is a remote operated 26-foot-long snake-like robot that carries a scope camera and can slither through small spaces. Quince is capable of driving over rubble and climbing stairs. Discovery News

Automate 2011 offers machine vision and automation solutions
A wide range of automation solutions designed for companies in every industry will be highlighted at the Automate 2011 show in Chicago from March 21-24, 2011. Solutions on exhibit will include pharmaceutical vial inspection; automated test system for the gaming industry; robotic machine loading and unloading, laser welding and layer forming; vision-guided robotic flexible feeding, packing and palletising. Visitors will see complete solutions incorporating robots, machine vision, motion control and related automation technologies. Vision Systems Design

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