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Economic stability props up wastewater treatment market
The global water and wastewater treatment market in the oil and gas industry expects to achieve significant growth once the products in the market become more affordable. End users that are delaying projects to the third and fourth quarters of 2011 and early 2012 are expected to invest in wastewater treatment solutions when they re-evaluate technology strategies to comply with discharge regulations. Water Online

Toilets on tap: processing sewage water so that it is pure enough to drink
Singapore is unapologetically recycling sewage and other wastewater in a way that the city-state believes will help make it self-sufficient. Despite multiple-stage treatment, people still have misgivings because they think they’re flushing the toilet and the next thing they know, it’s in the tap. By 2060, Singapore expects its purified wastewater to accommodate half of the nation’s water demand. USA Today

Robotic herds could be the next step in farming
Prospero the robot uses six legs to move across the ground and comes loaded with a complement of sensors that allow it to roam a landscape unimpeded. When it gets to a spot that it determines needs a seed, it drills into the soil, plants a seed, and then sprays a marker (which could also include fertilizer and pesticides if necessary) so that other robots won’t plant in the same spot. Prospero is the first step to an agricultural system that could effectively remove humans from farming. PC World

Using wastewater to enhance mint production
When essential oils are extracted from plants through the process of steam distillation, wastewater is produced and subsequently released into rivers and streams. Finding new uses for these unused by-products could benefit crop growers and processors as well as the environment. HortScience

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