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Process safety system and new MD for HIMA

HIMA launches a new safety system for the process industry. supported by a specifically trained sales team and a new Managing Director for Australia.

HIMA Australia will be led by Dean McNair, who has been with the company for over four years in the role of National Sales and Marketing Manager and has more than 15 years experience in business and engineering.

In the development of flexible and intelligent safety platforms, HIMA’s special focus was on increasing the availability and profitability of process plants. Offering unique features, HIMax satisfies the global process industry’s demand for increasing the profitability of safety-oriented applications.

The profitability of automated production processes crucially depends on continuous operation. In the event of a safety-critical situation, the installed safety system must shut the system down safely — but only when needed. For this reason, in addition to maximum fault tolerance, care was taken in the development of HIMax to ensure that all maintenance, expansion and modification work of the system can always be performed online during process operation — without cutting back on safety. This even includes the execution of proof test, a mandatory requirement of IEC/AS 61508/11.

The official launch of HIMax will be in mid 2008.

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