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Process safety matters in the food industry

PDV Consultants is the latest company to partner with the Institution of Chemical Engineers (IChemE) in pursuit of improved process safety performance.

The global consultancy is the first company from the food processing sector to sign up to the IChemE Safety Centre (ISC) as an Industry Partner.  PDV’s international expertise in food processing technology and systems design is an important addition to ISC’s knowledge pool.

Providing technical solutions to some of the world’s biggest food manufacturers, PDV Consultants operate from offices in Hamilton, New Zealand and Belfast, Northern Ireland.  PDV provides services to clients in Australia, China, Indonesia, USA and across the European Union.

PDV joins a growing list of ISC member companies that have committed to share knowledge to improve process safety.  ISC membership spans the mining, energy and oil and gas exploration and production sectors.

PDV managing director, David Platts, believes that ISC membership offers access to leading edge thinking in process safety.  

He said, “We recognise that the practices established in the high hazard industries can be shared, adapted and deployed in the food and agribusiness sectors to deliver improved process safety performance.”

“PDV will engage fully with ISC’s work and we look forward to developing and broadening the knowledge base of the safety centre from a food industry perspective.”

ISC director, Trish Kerin, welcomed PDV.  She said, “PDV’s involvement is a positive development for the centre.  There are clear benefits to be gained from the application of the principles of process safety in the food and beverage industries. Not least because process safety principles complement food and product safety requirements.”

“We are delighted to have PDV on board to share their experiences and to learn from other industries. These exchanges are central to the ultimate goal of advancing process safety worldwide.”

ISC is a not-for-profit industry-led consortium, offering subscriptions in three partner categories: Operating Partner, Industry Partner and Supporting Partner. The centre aims to improve process safety by bringing together industry-wide organisations to share and learn from each other. This provides new insight and understanding from beyond normal industry circles.

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