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Process control workshop

ProSys Engineering and PAS are holding two joint workshops in Australia during the first two weeks of September.

PSE Process Control Workshop Overview

ProSys Engineering’s Practical Process Control Techniques course is a three day course which delivers a practical mix of:

-Effective regulatory control design approaches;

-PID loop tuning techniques (using the PAS TuneWizard tool to illustrate the benefits of a tuning package);

-Classroom exercises to emphasize the concepts discussed.

The course differentiates itself by also providing a focus on:

-The industrial context for process control and how it improves profitability;

-Instrumentation fault patterns and rules of thumb of identifying maintenance requirements;

-The impact of non-linearity and a range of approaches to managing this real world issue;

-An introduction to Advanced Process Control (APC) approaches.

PAS Alarm Management Workshop Overview PAS’ Alarm Management Certification Series is a two day course designed to help process and control professionals resolve alarm issues. Join us at one of the upcoming workshops and learn to:

-Proactively manage an alarm system;

-Resolve problems, such as nuisance and chattering alarms;

-Reduce unplanned production down time and shutdowns

For operators, engineers and managers who want to optimize their controls systems, this exclusive two day, hands-on workshop teaches the steps to effective alarm management and alarm handling.

Click here for further details and registration.

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