Process Control and Instrumentation at NMW 2012

More than 450 companies are exhibiting at NMW 2012: including leading Australian companies as well as specialist exhibitors be showcasing new and innovative products that help get the job done safely and productively.

Paul Baker, Exhibition Director comments, “Beyond the new products and services, NMW also provides a great opportunity to network and learn new ideas. There will be rolling demonstrations and displays of new technologies, and, in addition, a one-day high level conference focusing on practical strategies for addressing broader industry challenges.”

PACE is the official Media Partner of NMW's Process Control & Instrumentation zone.

Following is a selection of NMW’s Process Control & Instrumentation exhibitors. 

ABB Australia – Stand 1106

Visitors to ABB’s stand can meet product experts and view interactive displays including:
• Face drawing demo where you can have your photo taken and drawn by our smart industrial robot!
• Robotic arc welding simulator providing intelligence, accuracy, productivity and safety together.
• High performance low voltage AC drives with a flexible and seamless interface for complete machine control solution.
• Cost effective and ultra reliable wash down grade motors and bearings for all your processing needs.

Visitors can also register for a free energy appraisal, whereby a qualified service technician (or an authorised partner) will perform an onsite inspection to identify ways to significantly reduce your energy costs.

Adept Turnkey – Stand 512

Adept Turnkey – created from the 2011 merger of Adept Electronic Solutions and Total Turnkey Solutions – is the largest and leading provider of machine vision and imaging products and services in Australia and New Zealand.

At NMW, Adept will showcase its machine vision products, ranging from machine vision components to machine vision systems. Products include machine vision lighting, optics, cameras, grabbers and software. Complementary products include a large range data acquisition products and computers for industrial automation such as Panel PCs and embedded PCs.

ADM Instrument Engineering – Stand Number 0114

ADM Instrument Engineering is launching the Meanwell range Energy Safe approved HLG Series LED power supply complete with 1.8m cable and mains AU plug. These new units add to Meanwell’s large range of quality LED Drivers for lighting applications.

ADM Instrument Engineering is the Australian distributors for international companies including; Burster (sensors and measurement, Germany), Unimeasure (linear position transducers, USA), Midori Precisions (potentiometers, Japan), Lutron Electronic Enterprise (test and measurement, Taiwan), along with many other quality industrial process control suppliers from Australia and internationally.

Bestech – Stand 1222

Bestech is a specialist manufacturer and distributor in Australian and New Zealand of sensors, transducers, signal conditioners and test systems for measurement of mechanical parameters like leak, displacement, tilt, pressure, strain, force, torque, vibration, viscosity, level, flow, material properties and thermal analysis.

Bestech also offers simple electronic and mechanical design, repair and calibration so it can put together a complete solution for client applications.

Daanet – Stand 2214

Daanet will be demonstrating remote maintenance and device management system for plant automation, developed by SECOMEA.

The Remote Device Management system is a complete end-to-end solution for easy and secure remote access, monitoring and management of industrial equipment for the automation and machine builder industry.

In addition to SECOMEA, the company offers Hirschmann Industrial Ethernet Switches and Routers, B&R Automation and IDEM Safety Switches systems.

FLIR Systems – Stand 6014

FLIR Systems is the global leader in infrared cameras for industrial use, including manufacturing process control, condition monitoring for predictive maintenance, research and development, surveillance and security, and environmental monitoring.

Visitors to the FLIR's will learn:
• How FLIR thermal imaging cameras benefit manufacturing through non-contact temperature measurement, and combining machine vision and temperature measurement for automated processes.
• Why FLIR A-Series thermal cameras are an effective tool for infrared automation applications for process temperature monitoring and control. Examples include, production where contact temperature measurements pose problems; inspection and quality control and environmental, machine and safety monitoring.

Industrial Measurement Solutions – Stand 926

Industrial Measurement Solutions (IMS) has solutions to measure in any dimension, reverse engineer, control machinery or monitor speed.

An Australian-owned company, IMS specialises in sales, service and support of systems for 3D Metrology, 2D and linear measurement. Their devices can inspect directly against CAD models, hence eliminating the need for technical drawings altogether.

IMS will be showcasing the Leica Laser Tracker – the first of its type in Australia – with T-scan enhancement ideal for high accuracy Inspection or Reverse Engineering Applications of large parts.

John Hart Automation & Robotics – Stand 4100

The company will be exhibiting advanced automation solutions technology at this year’s NMW.

Featuring the new M-3iA High speed ‘Genkotsu’ robot with integrated line tracking function, LR Mate 200iC High Speed mini robot with automatic camera calibration and recovery functions, simulation software and more, the John Hart team will demonstrate how manufacturers can benefit from implementing robotic and automated processes.

Motion Solutions Australia – Stand Number 108

Motion Solutions Australia is launching products that help customers in the manufacturing, life sciences and packaging industries. These include the new Epson 6 Axis, Scara & RS Robots, available as Class 10 Cleanroom through to IP65 Washdown.

National Instruments – Stand 5106

Leveraging the PC and its related technologies, virtual instrumentation increases productivity and lowers cost through easy to integrate software such as NI LabVIEW, a system design tool for accelerating productivity from design through deployment.

Embedded Platforms such as NI CompactRIO combine reconfigurable hardware, hot swappable modules and an open architecture to meet the needs of demanding industrial applications such as machine vision and rapid control prototyping. NI has also introduced its 1 slot NI compactDAQ chassis making it easier to make sensor and electrical measurements on the benchtop, in the field or in the production line.

NORD Drivesystems – Stand 514

NORD Drivesystems presents a new line of performance-optimized two-stage helical bevel gear units. They are particularly suited for use in conveyor technology and in the food industry, as well as in hoists, storage facilities and overhead conveyor systems

The new units are designed as washdown gear-boxes. As the installation measurements remain essentially the same, users can exchange old gear units for the new models: and with greater power reserves, some users may install smaller sizes in some applications.

The new gear units are suited for use with NORD’s complete range of motors, allowing customers to flexibly configure drive solutions.

PLC Hardware – Stand 206

PLC Hardware offers main brand PLC hardware at significantly lower prices (approximately 50% less). The company was incorporated out of frustration at the ever increasing prices from PLC technology vendors, even when manufacturing, shipping and exchange rates have continually shifted positively.

Portable Analytical Solutions (PAS) – Stand 0822

PAS is ANZ/PNG distributor of the Niton XRF range of Analysers. The Niton range provides rapid identification of alloy chemistry in a vast number of alloy grades for quality assurance and control (which is critical to ensure reliability and safety in the workplace).

The Niton enables you to print certificates of analysis and can be easily connected to your PC for remote use. To help minimise the potential for errors and safety hazards, the Niton is able to recover lost material traceability, isolate finished welds for filler material composition and dilution, and confirm finished products.

With a non-destructive method of testing, the Niton has the capability of generating instant lab-quality data in the palm of your hands. This allows you to collect real time data in seconds, thereby eliminating the need for using off-site laboratories, saving you both time and money.

Rom-Control – Stand 5314

Rom-Control is introducing a new concept that allows manufacturers to extend the useful life of their electronic and process control assets.

Rom-Control offers complete electronic and process control asset management for industrial entities across a large spectrum of industries from manufacturing, mining, and utilities to health, transportation and agriculture.

Rom-Control has the ability to repair and refurbish any type of electronic asset, irrespective of brand, functionality or age.

SAI Global – Stand 6606

SAI Global provides public, in-house, online and on-demand Standards and Management Systems training across Australia. As a Registered Training Organisation (RTO), SAI Global provides nationally-recognised programs and qualifications to assist individuals and businesses to implement, maintain and improve management systems based on relevant standards, while developing a culture of continuous improvement and innovation.

As Australia's leading certification body, SAI Global also provides audit and certification for ISO 9001 Quality, OHS, ISO 14001 Environment, Aerospace, Medical and Automotive Management Systems and Product Certification for Standards including Building, Plumbing, Consumer goods, Electrical Equipment and more. Clients certified through SAI Global display the "Five Ticks" StandardsMark.

TMN Simulation (Flexsim) – Stand Number 6106

TMN Simulation is launching the latest Flexsim 3D Simulation Modelling Software which helps manufacturers analyse, visualise, and optimise any process – from manufacturing to supply chain.

Simulation models are realistic, working, 3D replications of your operations. You can change any aspect of technology, process or resources and track improvements – all with statistically accurate reports.

The blend of 3D visualisation and statistical proof adds considerable weight to sales bids or business cases, particularly helping non-tech stakeholders visualise and understand the issues.

For more details – and to register, visit nationalmanufacturingweek.com.au

[Tracy Pendergast is Director, Pentica PR and is handling the media relations for NMW 2012.]

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