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Process company donates to university

Invensys Process Systems (IPS) has donated its InFusion enterprise control technology for use in the United States-based University of Massachusetts Lowell BioManufacturing Center for pharmaceutical research.

The new centre, based in Massachusetts, will provide a full-scale manufacturing operation designed for students to garner knowledge about the transition of biotechnologic products from research to commercial production, according to a report from Market Wire.

The new centre will provide a full-scale manufacturing operation, giving students a greater appreciation of the transition of biotechnologic products from research to commercial production.

The IPS InFusion system is a control and integration platform that simplifies accessing and integrating data from different systems, providing plant staff with the knowledge to pin-point potential problems in the production line. It brings together laboratory data, production information and financial results.

“Too often, young biotechnology companies invest years investigating a therapeutic modality in the lab, but don’t realize the complexities of manufacturing the product commercially until it is too late. Thanks to the cutting-edge technology that IPS is providing, our students will have the tools not just to understand real-world production operations, but also to see how plant floor, lab and business processes interrelate — and must interrelate — for success in these increasingly dynamic global markets,” the Biomanufacturing Centre director, Carl Lawton, told Market Wire.

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