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Process automation could reshape SPS/IPC/Drives expo

The organisers of the SPS/IPC/DRIVES might add process automation to its line-up for 2009, which has triggered debate amongst industry, according to a report from ARC Advisory Group.

SPS/IPC/DRIVES, held in November in Germany, is described as the exhibition for electric automation technology, however it could soon be adding process automation to its line-up too, re-aligning the show’s position in the industry.

ARC Advisory Group reporter, David W Humphrey, said the idea has unleashed “passionate debate”.

“Awkwardly, the organisers would limit [the new addition] to ‘electrical’ process automation (whatever that means), as if that were a way to separate it from the Interkama show, Germany’s main process automation show (now part of the Hanover Fair).

“The fact is, Interkama has been dying a slow death for a decade, and adding process automation at SPS/IPC/DRIVES could be the final blow for what was once Europe’s premiere process show.

“Process automation in Nuremberg would clearly benefit some suppliers, first and foremost Siemens, but also other discrete suppliers that are moving into process, such as Rockwell Automation and B&R.”

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