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PROCENTEC introduces ComBricks FO ring modules for multi-mode and single-mode technology

PROCENTEC announces the release of three new ComBricks fibre optic modules
designed to create optical redundant ring topologies with multi-mode and
single-mode technology.

Specifically designed by PROCENTEC to ensure reliable optical data
transmission in PROFIBUS networks, the multifunctional modules allow long cable
distances up to 30km as well as galvanic isolation between devices and
segments. The ComBricks FO ring modules are especially suitable for
applications in heavy EMC environments such as oil and gas, waste and water
treatment, mines, cranes and tanks.

The ComBricks FO ring module contains diagnostic LEDs indicating a low
level on the optics. Similar to any other communication module, the channels
are connected directly to the ProfiTrace over Ethernet in the Head Station. Users
will be alerted to faults such as a broken ring or a low level through advanced
email functionality.

Technicians can optimally maintain a PROFIBUS installation using bus monitor
data directly available in the web server. ComBricks FO ring modules can be
placed side by side with repeater modules allowing spur line diagnostics, and also
be easily transformed to a remotely monitored fibre optic hub mixed with copper

ComBricks fibre optic ring modules available
from PROCENTEC include ComBricks FO Ring MM: ComBricks FO Ring module for
multi-mode technology; ComBricks FO Ring SM: ComBricks
FO Ring module for single-mode technology; and ComBricks FO Ring XM: ComBricks
FO Ring module for the combination of multi-mode and single-mode technology.

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