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Printed and flexible sensors market 2017-2027

printed sensors

The market for fully printed sensors will reach $7.6 billion by 2027, according to a new IDTechEx report on the printed and flexible sensors market from 2017-2027.

As stated in the report, fully printed sensors will benefit from the latest materials and technologies in the printed electronics industry. While some may consist of a very simple structure with only a few electrodes, others are much more complex and require the deposition of multiple layers. What they have in common is the capability to be manufactured on plastic substrates, which offer advantages in terms of mechanical flexibility, thinness and weight reduction.

Currently, printed disposable glucose sensors generate the majority of revenues. These sensors are used by diabetics as a self-diagnosis tool. This technology is essential for those patients, but the market is now commoditised and there is pressure on price. This explains why the industry is developing new biosensors, where the innovation lies in recognising various biomarkers.

Other printed and flexible sensors such as gas sensors, temperature sensors and photodetectors are now moving into mass production. This transition from R&D to commercialisation will drive growth in emerging applications.

The full report covers the following categories of printed sensors:

  • Biosensors
  • Capacitive sensors
  • Piezoresistive sensors
  • Piezoelectric sensors
  • Optical sensors
  • Temperature sensors
  • Humidity sensors
  • Gas sensors
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