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Preview of new products at AGT 2012

With Australia poised to become the world’s leading LNG exporter by 2020, the Australian Gas Technology Conference & Exhibition (AGT) will address the challenges and opportunities connected with the industry, including technical challenges, innovations and resourcing issues.

When: July 25-27, 2012
Where: Perth Convention & Exhibition Centre

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Here are some of the new products that will be presented at at AGT 2012.

Global Supply Line
Nirmal Industries RegulatorsNirmal Industries Regulators

Global Supply Line will unveil the latest pressure regulator developed by Nirmal Industrial Controls, a provider of control valve solutions for difficult and hazardous services.

Nirmal pressure regulators in downstream and upstream pressure control are available in a range of flow and differential pressure capabilities.

Requiring little maintenance and with tight shut off capability, the pressure regulators are available with over and under pressure cut-offs.

Vahterus Heat ExchangersVahterus Heat Exchangers

Q-Boss provides engineering solutions in heat transfer and heat exchange, air separation and compression.

Q-Boss will exhibit the third generation heat exchanger developed by Vahterus.

Vahterus Plate and Shell (PSHE) Heat Exchangers combine the benefits of traditional heat exchangers by utilising a fully welded plate pack within a strong shell construction, making Vahterus PSHE a compact, thermally efficient and cost effective heat transfer solution in many oil and gas applications.

PSHE is a suitable solution for upstream processes, such as oil and gas production, handling and transportation, and downstream processes such as refineries and petrochemical plants.

IQ3 Electric ActuatorIQ3 Electric Actuator

Rotork IQ3 intelligent electric valve actuator introduces new levels of functionality and asset management abilities.

This includes a patented absolute encoder with built-in redundancy and self-checking capabilities that mechanically track valve positions if the actuator is manually operated when the power is off.

Other features include a large wide-angle indication window, an LCD display and advanced IQ data logger.

I & E Systems
Dynamic Asset Documentation (DAD)

Dynamic Asset Documentation (DAD) is a Systems Information Model (SIM), which creates virtual systems describing real-world power, control and ICT systems.

Software objects represent the components and connections one-to-one just as in the real world. DAD shifts system engineering from a drawing focus to an information focus. DAD provides accurate information and significant cost savings for systems design, construction and operations.

Dialight ILS Australia
Dialight will unveil its SafeSite Series LED Area Light, a high-output IECEx Certified LED Area LightSafeSite

Dialight will unveil its SafeSite Series LED Area Light, a high-output IECEx Certified LED Area Light.

Approved for use in hazardous locations, the SafeSite Area Light is the latest addition to Dialight’s family of LED illumination products for hazardous locations.

Designed to replace up to 250-watt HID fixtures, the new SafeSite Area Light offers exceptional energy efficiency and dramatically reduces maintenance costs compared to conventional lighting over the life of the fixture.

Consuming less than half the electricity of 250-watt HID units, Dialight’s 70-watt SafeSite Series delivers an impressive efficacy of 79 lumens per watt.

Pressure relief provider Elfab has improved its Opti-Gard range by offering the rupture disc as a single-disc solution.Opti-Gard

Pressure relief provider Elfab has improved its Opti-Gard range by offering the rupture disc as a single-disc solution.

Enhancements to the Opti-Gard OPR and OPK designs have enabled Elfab to produce a single-disc design covering the full range of sizes and burst pressures, offering customers potential stock reductions of more than 65 per cent.

Opti-Gard recently became the first ever rupture disc to be covered by a three-year warranty. Furthermore, the disc is still supplied with Flo-Tel+, Elfab’s non-invasive ATEX-approved burst detection, as standard.

Opti-Gard features a tolerance of three per cent across a range of burst pressures and a 95 per cent operating ratio.

Peerless Asia Pacific
Green Machine is a selective catalytic reduction (SCR) system applied by Peerless on over 500 units, including nearly 50 package boilers.Green Machine

Industrial boiler users are facing more stringent air pollution regulations, and Green Machine by Peerless allows users to meet their NOx emission objectives.

Green Machine is a selective catalytic reduction (SCR) system applied by Peerless on over 500 units, including nearly 50 package boilers.

Peerless’ pre-engineered, standard sized Green Machine fits a variety of package boiler arrangements making it simple to add to new or existing boilers with little modification.

With Green Machine’s NOx reduction capability, FGR can be reduced or eliminated improving operational stability, safety and efficiency.

Expansion Seal Technologies Asia
Expansion Seal Technologies Asia Double Block and BleedDouble Block and Bleed

The Double Block and Bleed (DBB) plug allows an operator to positively isolate and monitor potentially explosive vapours during ‘hot work’, then effectively hyrdotest the new weld connection with one easy to use tool.

 The aluminium/steel construction makes the tool portable, and easy to position.

The volume of water required for a test is small so testing can be accomplished using a hand pump, which facilitates testing in remote areas.

FlexSteel Pipeline Technologies
FlexSteel Pipeline Technologies FlexSteelFlexSteel

FlexSteel’s spooled pipeline solution provides the cost and installation benefits of a spooled pipe while delivering the strength and durability of steel.

Its corrosion-resistant technology was developed with more than 30 years experience in offshore environments.

The anti-corrosive properties coupled with the durability of steel offers a safe and environmentally friendly solution for the transport of oil, gas and other fluids such as frac water.

It is now offered in a diameter unrivaled by other spooled pipe solutions.

Teksal Controls
Teksal Controls Flexi-DriveFlexi-Drive

Flexi-Drive is a cable drive, flexible remote valve operating system allowing valves in hard-to-reach or hazardous locations to be operated easily from a convenient and safe location.

The patented linear cable system can transmit drive torque to a valve up to 60 metres away and can accommodate up to 540 degrees of cable bends.

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