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Presenting the Young Achiever Finalists: Zenith Awards 2011

Zenith Awards 2011: Young Achiever Finalists

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Nominee: Sebastian Karsas
Company: Proof Engineers

Sebastian Karsas

Sebastian Karsas is an engineering director at Proof Engineers; he started at the company in 2010 and was the head of the project for the real time monitoring solutions for Total Haul Road Management.

At age 23 his leadership skills have pioneered the development of real time onboard haul truck systems to measure and monitor road deterioration and rolling resistance.

Leading a new company with a team of engineers, Karsas uses the engineering skills of building suburban roads and applies these to the construction and maintenance of hail roads on mine sites, whilst investigating, measuring and recommending soil stabilising solutions.

Nominee: Adrian Hayes
Company: Toyota Motor Corporation, Mechanical Engineer and Movers & Shakers International

Adrian Hayes

Adrian Hayes works at various companies which include a quality engineer in Toyota Motor Corporation, a mechanical engineer at Focus Design & Engineering Solutions and a business administration assistant at Movers & Shakers International.

As a quality engineer Hayes was responsible within the conversions and accessories department, ensured automotive components met Australian and company standards of design, quality and reliability.

In 2009, Hayes established his own business Focus Design and Engineering Solutions, providing 3D visualisation and animation of construction methods for large engineering companies.

He has added value to the business by developing strong relationships with key contacts within the industry.

Nominee: Jason Ko
Company: Automation Control Systems

Jason Ko

Jason Ko is the CEO of the Automation Control Systems and is responsible for strategic and financial performance of the business. He overseas the management team, its direction and objectives of each area covering departments of Software Development, Engineering, Production, Finance & Administration.

Reporting to the strategic and financial objectives of the board, Ko establishes business-to-business relationships with customers, suppliers, distributors, including but not limited to, negotiating global supply agreements, erecting and maintaining a professional overseas production line, and setting and managing a strict two year budget.

Nominee: Brad Shaw
Company: Serck Controls

Brad Shaw

In 2006 Brad Shaw was a graduate engineer and has now progressed to a senior systems engineer at Serck Controls Telemetry Competency Centre.

Shaw plans and conducts professional engineering work without detailed supervision; his tasks include undertaking detailed design, programming and configuration of PLC, RTU and SCADA software.

As a part of his role he develops project documentation and drawings, performs factory and site acceptance tests, identifying actual and potential non-conformances, provides client liaison, visiting customer sites for testing and commissioning duties.

In addition he provides technical and management assistance on specific sub-projects and minor projects.

Nominee: Kym Bennie
Company: SAGE Automation

Kym Bennie

Kym Bennie is an electrical/electronic engineer at SAGE’s Whyalla office; his role entails engineering (design, construction and commissioning) of industrial automation projects state-wide.

Bennie is responsible for all aspects of project delivery including quoting, design in addition to reviewing construction, and commissioning and project management.

Bennie has played a pivotal role in improving the efficiency of South Australia’s (SA) water projects, through designing and implementing key assistive tools.

These tools are used in both the proposal and executive phase of projects, and allow for other engineers to quickly deigns and construct SA water projects.

Nominee: Catherine Olima
Company: Coca Cola Amatil

Catherine Olima

Catherine Olima was responsible for the development of all the operating guidelines for the equipment at the PET bottle self-manufacture project.

The project involved Coca-Cola Amatil Supply Chain in conjunction with Krones Germany designing, installing and commissioning two new production lines at their production facility at Northmead in Sydney.

She worked closely with Krones technicians and the company’s engineers to develop over 200 work instructions for use by operators in running the new lines.

Olima’s work is now being transferred to all the other Coca Cola Amatil locations in Australasia that are rolling out the new equipment.


Nominee: Jared Turner
Company: Coca Cola Amatil

Jared Turner

Jared Turner works at Coca Cola Amatil and has assisted in implementing the PET self-manufacture project in Northmead Sydney.

The company is Australia’s largest premium branded beverage and food company, it manufactures and distributes alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages and food products all over Australia and New Zealand.

Turner took on a Line Leadership role and was responsible for developing the competence and confidence of the operators involved with the new lines.

As a result of his work, Turner has been promoted into the ongoing production leadership role for PET lines.



Nominee: Daniel Hancock
Company: Schneider Electric

Daniel Hancock

In January 2008 Daniel Hancock started at Schneider Electric as an industrial trainee. Throughout the years he progressed to the applications and solutions team and after a promotion he became senior technical support engineer.

His current role also sees him as Schneider Electric’s Australian Fieldbus and network expert. In addition, Hancock also delivers training on these subjects and advises customers how to design and implement networks for optimal performance.

According to Schneider Electric, Hancock is someone with amazing technical capabilities and an enthusiasm to share this with the industry team.

Nominee: Jeffrey Layanto
Company: UGL Infrastructure

Jeffrey Layanto

Jeffrey Layanto is a Senior Control and Instrumentation Engineer at UGL Infrastructure. After starting in 2007, he has made an outstanding contribution to UGL Infrastructure, the Australian Water Industry and to the Automation and Control System Engineering community.

Layanto has commissioned major infrastructure upgrades in the water and mining industries. As an integral member of UGL Infrastructure’s Water business, he has been instrumental in successful project delivery, tender bid management, and project design management.

In 2003, he graduated with first class honours in Mechatronics Engineering. He worked as a Control System Engineer responsible for the Software System Integration (SSI) for two major Sydney Water Projects.

The first project was at UGL was the North Head STP Central Odour Control Facility valued at $11 million. The second major project included the North Head PARR (Process and Reliability/Renewals) Alliance project which was valued $90 million.

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