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Presagen launches AI platform for image-based medical diagnostics

AI automation company Presagen has expanded its offering to include image-based medical diagnostics.

Presagen’s AI platform to date has focused on using unique defense AI technology for automating human behavior. The AI platform can assist businesses automate manual and mundane tasks to increase productivity and enable staff to focus on core business tasks.

Over the last nine months Presagen’s AI platform has expanded and been utilised by fertility startup Life Whisperer, which uses AI to better select healthy embryos in IVF, and ultimately improve outcomes for couples wanting to have children.

Presagen’s medical diagnostics component of the AI platform brings together a range of techniques in deep learning, computer vision, physics and statistics, specifically for medical images, to create accurate assessment models for medical diagnostics. The platform aims to improve the diagnosis of medical conditions by leveraging large historical data-sets of images, and identifying morphological features relating to medical conditions, some of which are not easily visible to the human eye. The platform streamlines the process from a data-set of historical medical images to a validated medical diagnostics tool that can be utilized by end-users.

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