Precision on-site milling services help overcome downtime risk

Even minor misalignments in major resources, energy and materials handling plant can translate into big trouble.

An error of millimetres can – and has – disabled heavy plant such as feedout conveyors by causing premature wear and major production interruptions, says global machining, joint integrity specialist and engineering services company Hydratight.

“Conveyor pulleys are just one area where precision machining is critical, because, if bearings are not flush, torsional stress can and will cut out bearings and interrupt production. We have seen it happen in Australia in major projects,” says the Commercial Leader of Hydratight in Australia, Neil Ferguson.

Areas where precision in-situ milling and machining services are vital – in addition to conveyors – include heat exchangers, pump and motor pads, steel mill stands, turbine split lines, large mobile materials handling machinery and static forming and fabrication machinery.

“Companies involved in maintenance programmes often can’t afford the time to dismantle heavy plant to take it off-site for servicing – it’s just not practical to do so," says Ferguson.

"But on-site servicing in Australia is complicated by the fact that there is a definite shortage here of on-site milling and machining services.

"That is why we are introducing an on-site machining service with technologies already proven with global leaders in the resources sector,” adds Ferguson, whose company operates in more than 20 countries worldwide.

Results of on-site machining conducted by Hydratight’s teams of technicians are comparable to stationary machining for a range of applications, says Ferguson. 

“Hydratight's ranges of single or all-axis milling machines are our most versatile on-site machining tools. The Mini-Mill brings a smaller dimension to portable milling and the geniSys220 brings unsurpassed milling and threading on a portable CNC machine,” says Ferguson.

On-site milling and machining services from Hydratight, including trunnion grinding (mining) and geniSys (oil and gas).Hydratight’s three-axis portable milling machine is the company’s most versatile and accurate milling tool, capable of traveling and machining in all axes (XYZ).

“Three-axis is ideal for onsite machining large and small rectangular areas accurately.

This portable mill can be clamped or bolted directly onto the part being machined or fabricated," explains Ferguson.

Setup jigs and parallel-mounting fixtures can be used to position it in difficult work area conditions. This tool is designed for rugged onsite machining e.g. milling, drilling and boring applications on jobs previously thought to be impossible without extensive disassembly.

The precision ground dovetails with adjustable gibs, to provide smooth, accurate travel in all axes.

When used as a facing mill, this milling machine tool will quickly face off pitted or misaligned surfaces, restoring the original condition of the part being machined.

Servo power feeds are available for all axes, allowing the application of smooth and consistent power feed throughout the speed range, going forwards and in reverse.

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