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Bonfiglioli HDO gearbox sizes provide flexibility for heavy-duty applications

Bonfiglioli is introducing to Australasia new sizes for its proven HDO drives to enhance flexibility and durability in heavy duty applications such as mining, bulk materials handling, building and construction, food and beverage and water and wastewater recycling.

The new HDO sizes – 71, 81, 91 and 95 – complement the existing Bonfiglioli range from HDO 100-180, which cater to torque requirements from 31,790 to 209,900 Nm. The new smaller sizes have torque outputs from 6,800 to 23,200 Nm and are made from a monobloc housing design for added rigidity.

The new HDO sizes have significant advantages in arduous applications and harsh conditions common in Australian industry. For example, the HDO drives use case hardened gears, which are stronger and more durable.

The HDO is a rectangular bevel helical gearbox, as opposed to square helical bevel gearboxes used in less demanding applications. The backstop (or anti-run-back) is positioned on the outside of the HDO drives, which makes it easily accessible for maintenance. The whole drive does not need to be dismantled to access it.

Another innovative feature of the new HDO gearboxes is their symmetrical design. They are designed with both horizontal and vertical symmetry for ease of installation in a wide variety of customer applications.

“The new HDO sizes are ideally suited to Australian industrial applications. They have a number of installation, performance and maintenance benefits and are built for optimum reliability and performance,” said Bonfiglioli Australia Managing Director, Mr Malcolm Lewis.

“Applications that will benefit from the new HDO sizes include floating cells, apron feeders, conveyors, cranes, bucket elevators, asphalt and other mixers, aerators and band screeners,” he said.

The new HDO drives will be engineered and assembled locally in Bonfiglioli’s Glendenning facility in NSW and delivered nation-wide through it’s high quality and efficient distribution network. Local stock is expected to arrive in Australia soon.

The new HDO sizes will also come with an ATEX-certified option for us in explosive atmospheres, the HDO-EX. This option comes with compliance certificates for painting, surface protection, mounting and sensors, along with ATEX application verification.

HDO-EX drive standard options include:

  • Equipped with service plugs for periodic lubricant level checks
  • Equipped with vent caps with anti-intrusion valve
  • Fluoro elastomer seal rings
  • No plastic component parts
  • Nameplate indication of the product category and type of protection
  • Components operable at above the operating temperature
  • Temperature indicator supplied with each unit
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