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Precision control tension and compression tester

precision control

Mecmesin has launched the first of a new generation of universal testers – the MultiTest-dV – with a focus on precision control. The testers’ precision control wheel enables ultra-fine crosshead control and rapid crosshead repositioning, whilst doubling up for changing machine settings of speed, set positions, and test type parameters. The wheel is surrounded by coloured LED lights that indicate the test stand status at all times.

The user can select one of four test modes, and dial in speed and displacement in either or both directions, plus test cycling requirements, and connect the company’s Advanced Force Gauge (AFG) for load limit control. Test speed is continuously variable from 0.1mm/min to 1200mm/min, with a resolution of 0.1mm/min and an accuracy of ±0.2 per cent of indicated speed.

Three models are rated at 0.5kN, 1kN and 2.5kN respectively. The 0.5kN and 1kN models have extended columns for highly-elastic sample testing, and all three accept the company’s range of AFGs. The testers are suitable for compression bend, tensile testing, top-load, insertion/withdrawal, peel/adhesion, pull-off and puncture.

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