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Powerstar releases unique energy storage solution for large power users

The manufacturer of the world-leading range of voltage optimisation
systems has developed a new energy storage system designed for large power
users across commercial, industrial and government segments.

The latest innovation from Powerstar will interest organisations dealing
with large power bills for its ability to save them tens of thousands of
dollars a year in energy costs.

Large power users typically negotiate power contracts comprising of a
mix of peak and off-peak tariffs. The new Powerstar Virtue works with the
patented Powerstar voltage optimisation (VO) technology to harness the excess
voltage supplied from the grid that Powerstar VO would normally return to the
grid to generate energy savings.

Powerstar’s VO technology can generate average savings of 12-15% p.a.
for the user; however, Powerstar Virtue takes this one step further for large
power users by storing the excess power and deploying it during peak tariff
periods, generating even greater savings than using voltage optimisation alone.

According to Powerstar Australasia operations director Mr Sam Czyczelis,
most buildings receive power from the grid at 247V and most electrical
equipment work most efficiently at 220-230V, resulting in a lot of ‘wasted’

The Powerstar Virtue energy storage system stores the excess power supplied
when the power is priced at low tariff, and deploys the stored power
during high tariff or maximum demand period, enabling the establishment to go
off the grid completely for two hours or reduce kilowatt usage to 50 per cent
‘new’ power for four hours.

He adds that the new technology is equally relevant for high as well as low
demand users with low energy peak rates, which is common in New South Wales,
Victoria and Queensland allowing them to reduce their maximum demand

Sam Czyczelis observes that Powerstar Virtue allows users to become a
virtual power station. With the system’s ability to reliably forecast how much
power will be available at all times, Powerstar Virtue enables users to make informed
decisions about energy usage, allowing organisations to reduce electricity
costs by significant amounts.

Powerstar Virtue can be integrated with on-site renewable energy
generation systems such as solar and wind, combining the energy saved from the
VO system with that generated from the renewable energy source.

In such applications, Powerstar Virtue also eliminates the need for inverters
on renewable installations, which can reduce the initial cost and improve the
return on investment. Powerstar Virtue also avoids power losses typically associated
with inverters, helping users achieve additional savings.

The Powerstar Virtue energy storage system additionally provides
advantages including reduced harmonics, voltage phase balancing, improved power
factor and reduced maintenance costs of electrical equipment. Grid operators
and utilities will also benefit from being able to provide a more efficient and
effective electrical network with increased stability and no interruptions

Similar to all Powerstar voltage optimisation
solutions, a 100% savings guarantee is provided on the Powerstar Virtue. Additional
security and financial support is provided through Powerstar Australia’s Smart
Energy Alliance vendor finance program.

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