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Power technology company wins Asia Pacific award

Technology and consulting firm, Invensys Process Systems (IPS), has been named the Bronze Winner of the 2008 Most Innovative Power Technology of the Year awards by Asian Power magazine.

The award was presented to IPS at the annual awards ceremony held this year in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. The event recognises outstanding leaders in the Asia power industry for their excellent practices and contributions and for setting industry benchmarks for others to follow, says IPS.

“In Asia, the power industry is facing a lot of challenges, such as growing consumption, rising cost of fuel, tighter industrial regulations and a changing economic landscape,” said Asian Power editor in chief, Timothy Charlton.

“Despite those challenges, Asian Power Awards have received many outstanding nominations. These companies have emerged as leaders of the industry, displaying excellence in their products and services. We are delighted to confer the 2008 Most Innovative Power Technology of the Year — Bronze Winner to IPS for their outstanding contribution to the industry.”

According to IPS, this industry recognition reinforces its leadership in asset optimisation and advanced process control, which it uses to help deliver significant cost savings and energy efficiencies for its clients across Asia Pacific.

The company’s work in the power field includes serving clients in the oil and gas, petrochemical, fossil and nuclear power, refining, hydrocarbon processing and specialty chemicals industries.

“With global macroeconomic events resulting in skyrocketing oil and energy prices, streamlining costs and energy saving are top-of-mind issues for power-generating businesses,” said IPS Asia Pacific president, Lawrence Wee.

“As a technology leader in the power industry, IPS continuously pushes the frontiers of technological and process innovation, enabling our clients to realise greater business performance.”

The winning solution

IPS was recognised for helping Datang International Power Generation Company Limited (Datang) improve its operating efficiency by implementing innovative asset optimisation tools and control solutions.

Datang was facing many of the industry challenges in its Yungang expansion project. As a value-added consultative partner, IPS helped Datang maximize its return on assets by balancing the availability and utilisation of equipment, energy, fuel optimization and improvement. The IPS solution, which enabled Datang to achieve realtime convergence of plant operations and enterprise performance, consists of advanced control systems, asset performance management, energy management consulting services and IPS’ InFusion enterprise control system technology.

The collaboration resulted in significant cost savings for Datang through optimised asset performance, improved reliability and availability of assets and reduction in maintenance costs.

“IPS optimisation tools and expertise in controls has helped us improve our commissioning efficiency, making us more competitive,” Datang Power chief engineer, Mr. Yanghu.

“Through their integrated solution, systematic methodology and step-by-step roadmap, we are able to reap greater energy efficiencies.”

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