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Power system for building and lighting industries

RS Components has introduced TE Connectivity’s NECTOR M power system series. The series aims to provide the construction industry with increased design flexibility and seamless integration into new and existing designs. Engineered to provide a pluggable connectivity solution for outdoor and harsh environments, the series is suitable for designers and contractors operating in many industries including electrical and lighting installations that require more flexibility in distributing power and data to various devices within buildings.

The power system is a flexible, fully pluggable, modular wiring, sealed connector and cabling system for permanent power and data circuit electrical installations. It also provides a simple reconfigurable plug-and-play alternative to traditional hard-wired electrical connections. The multi-functional modular system provides design consistency with the same-size knockout diameter for all position sizes. It also offers flexibility to the user, as its circular form factor helps simplify routing and reduces installation time and waste.

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