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Power station customers respond positively to Yokogawa simulators survey

A recent survey of owners of Yokogawa’s high fidelity control system
simulators reveals that the equipment has helped them increase efficiency and
reduce operator training time at electricity generating power stations.

Several owners of Yokogawa simulators in electricity generating power
stations shared insights on how they used their simulators and what could be
done to improve them.

The feedback was positive with owners overwhelmingly viewing the simulators
as an absolute ‘must have’ for any power station. The respondents were
unanimous that a power station with a simulator ran more efficiently since they
were able to train new operators more thoroughly and in a shorter timeframe.

Modern power station control systems are highly reliable, and the only
way to train for the safe shutdown procedure for catastrophic events such as turbine
bearing failure is to use the simulator. Since Yokogawa simulators replicate the
power station’s control system with a high degree of fidelity, power station
operators are able to practice real life scenarios and be prepared for

The flux in Australia’s energy market is impacting individual power stations,
especially in terms of the variable input into the power grid in response to
fluctuating electricity demand throughout the day. The power stations with
simulators are able to test their plants’ response to these requirements and in
turn, train their operators to carry out the necessary procedures. Power plants
are therefore, able to maximise efficiency and meet these targets with the
highest degree of safety.

Having seen how the simulators added value to their job, power station
operators wished for more training exercises and scenarios to use to prepare
for any contingency.

The newly appointed managing director of Yokogawa Australia, Mr Russell
Palmer welcomed the survey results as they reflected the high satisfaction
level of their simulator customers. 

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