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Power Panel 65 – The intelligent complete solution

The new Power Panel 65 from B&R combines high performance and compact dimensions in one central operating and control unit. Through the integration of control, visualization and drive technology, the user profits from intelligent complete solutions that are easily linked to various automation infrastructures.

Ideal for multi-axis applications
Equipped with a powerful 500 MHz Geode LX800 processor, the new Power Panel 65 handles a performance range that is especially important for multi-axis applications. In addition, the unique combination of high performance for calculations and a compact design ensures optimal use of the space in the switching cabinet.

Intuitive operator panel that can be expanded as desired
Available with a 5.7" touch screen or a 3.5" touch screen and function keys, the compact PP65 provides the optimal design for any machine and system type.

Two USB interfaces and a Fast Ethernet port guarantee that data can be quickly exchanged with higher level systems. If expansions are required, remote I/O and drives can be easily connected using modular fieldbus interfaces. The PP65 is available with integrated X2X or POWERLINK interface. The devices can also be extended with RS232/RS485, CAN and Profibus DP slave interfaces depending on the requirements. In this way, users profit from the highest level of freedom for the control topology.

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