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Power On Australia powers up success with Eaton


Power management company, Eaton, has announced that Power On Australia has cemented its position as a leader in the Australian electrical critical infrastructure market from design through to deployment enabled through the Eaton power quality product range.

Power On Australia has been active in the electrical infrastructure sector for more than 14 years, but during the past three it has become a different company – evolving from a box shifter to solution provider with the support of Eaton.

In its early stages, Power On Australia was a successful distributor of power equipment to clients throughout Australia. Through a national network of offices and staff, the firm provided critical power equipment to organisations across the country.

“With a focus on rapid order fulfilment and strong customer service, we grew to become one of the largest distributors of Eaton power equipment in Australia,” said Power On Australia Chief Executive Boyd Lockett.

About three years ago, the power equipment market underwent a profound change. Following the Global Financial Crisis, client budgets were slashed and many began looking for assistance to more effectively manage and deploy their critical power infrastructure.

“The old way of doing business changed overnight,” said Lockett.

“The days of relying on high sales volumes to generate profits were over, so we had to take steps to re-invent the company.”

Lockett said the company had to adapt the business to meet the market requirements driven by technology changes and customers’ expectations.

We evolved from a box-shifting model to a more value added, solutions-based model.”

Today, our staff of engineers, designers and electricians can deliver turnkey solutions to clients that support their operations.”

The company concentrated its efforts on larger clients who were looking for a partner that could help them plan and deploy new electrical infrastructure. Rather than simply selling them equipment, Power On Australia began acting as a technology partner.

“We now have a menu of services for clients,” he says. “We consult with them to determine what challenges they are facing and then work to design a power infrastructure that matches their needs. Our teams cover everything from initial consultation through to deployment, management and maintenance.”

Lockett said the company’s deep understanding of the Eaton product range allows it to precisely tailor solutions. New infrastructures can be built and tested by Power On Australia before being installed at a client site. This ensures all new systems work as anticipated from day one. The company also generates and retains detailed records of all Eaton equipment installed, which assists with future maintenance and any warranty claims that may occur.

“Some clients are faced with constrained budgets and cannot always install the full system that they require. In these circumstances, we help our customer manage these constraints through reliable, agile and scalable designs, allowing them to make informed decisions of their critical power strategy.”

Building for the future

Power On Australia continues to deliver Eaton-based solutions to clients across a diverse range of industry sectors. From mining companies in Western Australia to healthcare organisations in the eastern states, the firm has cemented its position as a leader in the electrical critical infrastructure market.

Lockett said Power On Australia’ s relationship with Eaton continues to strengthen.

“The relationship between equipment manufacturers and partners such as Power On Australia has never been more important,” he said.

“Anyone can move a box, but very few can build a solution from scratch. That takes longevity in the industry, knowledge and persistence. That is what Power On Australia and Eaton can deliver.”


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