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Potentially-harmful Fluke Digital Clamp Meters recalled

Fluke Corporation is voluntarily recalling an undisclosed number of Fluke Digital Clamp Meters due to a potentially-harmful defect.

Fluke Digital Clamp Meters with the serial numbers 333, 334, 335, 336 and 337, manufactured between 3rd March 2008 and 27th February 2009, are being recalled voluntarily by the company after discovering a defect that has the potential, over time, to cause the meter to display a low or no voltage reading on a circuit energised with a hazardous voltage.

In this situation it is imperative that the practice of testing the meter on a known live circuit before and after checking the circuit under test is maintained, Fluke warns.

If the meter does not pass the ‘known live circuit test’, its use should be discontinued immediately, identified as faulty and removed from service, the company says.

Fluke is encouraging customers to cease using affected meters immediately and return suspect products to the place of purchase to confirm the serial number.

Affected meters will be replaced free of charge.

Fluke confirms that it is committed to ensuring its customers are informed of the defect as quickly as possible though direct communication with known customers, working with its distributors, advertising the recall notice and running a telephone hot line. Fluke has redesigned all clamp meters to correct the problem.

All clamp meters now shipping are free of this defect.

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