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Portable SCADA certified

An InduSoft HMI/SCADA software package has successfully completed Enterprise Solution Certification testing by the AT&T devCentral program.

InduSoft CEView is an HMI/SCADA software package that can run on PDAs, cellphones and other handheld devices and diskless computers, will be listed in the AT&T Certified Solution Catalog as part of AT&T’s devCentral Program.

CEView is based on InduSoft’s full-scale Windows-based supervisory control and monitoring system currently being used in over 25,000 installations worldwide. With it, users can enable native, full-scale data acquisition, monitoring, and control on a mobile platform. Features include an object-oriented database, math functions, report generation, archiving, alarms, events, database access, and others.

CEView is a full-function supervisory control and monitoring system that fits in the palm of your hand and can be embedded in the chip set of a low-cost operator interface. Applications include wireless SCADA, data collection, maintenance terminals, machine parameter adjustment, mobile process supervision, and many others.

“Achieving AT&T certification means users can be assured that CEView will run on many of the popular mobile devices, including the AT&T 5700, MOTOQ Global, Pantech Duo, the Samsung BlackJack and BlackJack II” says Marcia Gadbois, Vice President of Business Development of InduSoft. “InduSoft has supported the mobile computing paradigm since its inception in1997, and so achieving the AT&T certification was a natural extension of our business and marketing strategy.”

“We helped pioneer the use of PDAs and cellphones as operator devices in this industry,” says Gadbois. “The AT&T certification will help assure users that wireless operator interfaces are the wave of the future, and that InduSoft CEView conforms to all the latest technologies and standards.”

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