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Portable humidity validator

The new HygroCal100 humidity verifier from Michell Instruments provides a practical option for companies that are not able to invest in a full humidity calibration laboratory to verify their humidity probes in-house. The unit is cost-effective and is available either on its own or with a choice of options to meet a variety of needs. 

On its own, the HygroCal100 provides a simple way to validate humidity probes on site. Weighing just 3.2kg and with a battery life of up to 8h it is easily portable. It is capable of validating up to 7 probes of different sizes simultaneously, and has a simple automatic validation program which allows the operator to ‘set and forget’ while the unit is working.

While the HygroCal100 comes with its own internal reference, it can also be integrated with any hygrometer with an analogue output to act as an external reference. This gives users the flexibility to incorporate their traceable reference units in their validation routines. 

The unit is also available as part of a package to enable users to start making traceable calibration checks immediately. 

One option supplies both the HygroCal100 with an Optidew Vision chilled mirror hygrometer, which provides a fundamental reference. The kit includes port adaptors to fit both the dew point and temperature sensors into the chamber.

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