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Polymer energy chains with low noise

For applications where a low-noise energy chain, high dynamics or very low abrasion is required, motion plastics specialist igus has developed the E6.1 series of energy chains.

These chains are now available in Australia from Treotham Automation for applications such as in the clean room in semiconductor manufacture.

As with the predecessor series E6, instead of a pin/bore connection, elastic polymer spring elements in the side elements serve as connectors for dampened and smooth running of the chain.

The small pitch and contour of the chain links ensure that the polygonal effect is reduced to a minimum and the chain rolls very smoothly.

Thanks to the narrower design compared to the E6, roughly 30 per cent of space can be saved with the same inner dimensions.

The e-chains of the E6.1 series can also be used for applications with speeds of up to 20m/s and are available from 29mm up to 62mm in height.

The smooth and interference-free interior also ensures long service life for the guided cables and hoses.

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