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Pocket-sized flow measuring technology

In industrial process measurement and automation, demand is steadily rising for simple, reliable and maintenance-free measuring instruments in a pocket-sized format. The new Picomag from Endress+Hauser fulfills such requirements, making no compromises. Not only does it measure the flow of electrically conductive fluids, but also their process temperature and conductivity. In addition, Picomag offers customers easy commissioning with Bluetooth using its SmartBlue App, as well as seamless system integration thanks to 10-Link technology. This makes Picomag absolutely ready for Industry 4.0.

Whether it is for quantity measurement or process monitoring of cooling, warm or process water, due to its compact design, Picomag can be installed flawlessly into any pipe up to 50 millimeters (2″) in diameter, even in confined spaces. For this purpose, there are various process connection adapters available, such as NPT-thread, R-thread, internal thread, Tri-CIamp or Victaulic. Picomag is a cost-optimised solution for applications where the focus is on high repeatability (±0.2% o.f.s.) and thus reliable measured values – e.g. for correctly measuring water flows (max. 750 1/min / 198 gal/min) or for minimising energy costs in utility applications. Picomag is suitable for process temperatures between –10 to (temporarily) +85 °C (14 to 185 °F) as well as for process pressures up to 16 bar (232 psi). Picomag requires no inlet and outlet runs and thus can be mounted directly before or after a pipe bend.

Clear display with diagnostics field

The large and user-friendly display allows a quick and easy reading of flow, temperature, conductivity and totaliser values. Errors occurring during operations, e.g. a partial pipe filling or an exceeded temperature limit, are displayed via diagnostic symbols in accordance with NAMUR recommendation NE107. The screen rotates automatically depending on the installation position (horizontal, vertical). This guarantees optimal readability at any time. And last but not least, configuration parameters can be called up and monitored by simply knocking on the device.

Wireless configuration and commissioning via Bluetooth

With Bluetooth connection, it is possible to carry out wireless configuration or data retrieval over a distance of 10 meters – even at installation sites which are difficult to access. The free-of-charge SmartBIue App from Endress+Hauser provides the user with quick and easy navigation through all device and diagnostic functions. Furthermore, it is possible to save device configurations and to upload them to another Picomag device. This saves time and money when commissioning. For archiving purposes, device configurations can be exported as a PDF file and stored on or forwarded to a mobile device. The SmartBlue App is available for Android and iOS.

Optimal system integration with 10-Link technology

Another highlight of the Picomag is the digital data transmission to process control systems via 10-Link technology. This communication standard has been established for 10 years and can be combined with all conventional fieldbus systems. Thus, it offers maximum flexibility of installation into existing system infrastructures. The 10-Link master as an interface allows users to have comprehensive data access through the control room. Other advantages of the 10-Link technology include the automatic transfer of parameters after a device replacement as well as low wiring effort as compared to conventional wiring.

The bottom line: Picomag is ideally equipped to handle the future requirements of process automation.

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