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PLC addresses emerging challenges in machinery control

ABB is extending the capability of one of the AC500 PLC with
a very high performance version.

The AC500 PM595 features a multi-processor system with the
performance to handle the most demanding machinery and motion automation
control and communication tasks.

The new AC500 PM595 Machinery Controller is optimized for
robust, high performance industrial control, and is built around a 1.3 GHz
processor with four 32-bit RISC processors plus an embedded double-precision
floating point processor, 16 MB of user program memory and a large array of
communications interfaces.

The very high level of computational capability allows the
new controller to handle extremely complex control tasks, involving
complexities such as precision coordinated motion with very large quantities of
axes, and mathematics-intensive computation such as real-time trigonometric
calculations for robotics or other advanced kinematic applications.

The controller also has a built-in interface to allow ABB’s
advanced safety PLC to be connected for high risk applications.

The AC500 PM595 PLC is compatible with the range of AC500
expansion modules – providing unlimited flexibility for industrial control and
monitoring applications.

Users can also build systems with integrated functional
safety, connecting ABB’s safety PLC directly onto a second expansion port. This
provides great flexibility for implementing safety-critical applications.

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